♦ 2013 Grenache Blanc ♦

Vineyard: Bokisch Vineyard
Appellation: Borden Ranch
Wine: 100% Grenache Blanc
Alcohol: 14.1%
Production: 258 cases


Grenache Blanc originated in Spain as a mutation of Grenache (a red grape). Though it is often blended with other white varieties, it also makes a very interesting wine on its own.

While it is now the fourth or fifth most planted white variety in France it is still relatively unknown in California. The California climate of hot days and cool nights seems to be perfect for the varietal and encourages its two prime qualities: richness with crisp acids. Ours is un-oaked, dry, crisp, and aromatic.

The wine has a lovely floral perfume with hints of pear and vanilla. It is rounded and supple with lovely vanilla tinged fruit and has a nice underlying crispness. One can find flavors of peach, mandarin orange, and tropical fruits, wrapped around a honeyed richness that fills the mouth. Enjoy with a wide range of food or alone as an aperitif.