♦ 2001 Pinot Noir– Estate “Reserve” ♦

Vineyard: Jarvis Vineyard - original site of the winery
Appellation: Santa Cruz Mountains
Wine: 100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 12.5%
Production: 50 cases


This Pinot Noir is a very limited release that was intentionally held for ten years from the vintage. It was released in 2011.

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard is well-known for producing Pinot Noir that can age for many decades. With a thirty year track record of age-worthy wine from this Estate Vineyard we decided that it was time to hold on to some to release later. We took our two favorite barrels from the vintage, bottled them separately, then held them for the later release. The extra time has all been spent in the bottle, not the barrel. It was bottled the same day as the regular release of the 2001 Estate.

This wine is a study in subtle complexity. We have a hard time avoiding the use of the term Burgundian in describing this wine. It isn’t a Burgundy of course, but it is very much like some classic Burgundies in that it is a big and complex wine without being dark in color. There are layers and layers of subtle fruit aromas and flavors that express themselves over time after the wine is opened. There are a lot of floral elements and a touch of spice complexity from its time developing in the bottle. It has incredible acidity still, and we feel it is only just beginning its long journey towards ageing gracefully for a few decades.