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Touriga Franca Grapes
Touriga Franca grapes
at Pierce Ranch

Quinta Cruz is a sister brand to Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard which was created in 2008 to showcase varieties that come from the Iberian Peninsula. The wines of the Quinta Cruz brand are exclusively made from grape varieties that originate in Portugal and Spain but are now grown in California.

The seeds of the project came from owner/winemaker Jeff Emery traveling to Portugal and being amazed at the incredible table wines there. Upon returning from Portugal for the second time he found some growers in California producing these grapes and the Quinta Cruz line was born.

A Rabelo on the Douro River of Portugal

These wines are completely different from the flavors and aromas one is used to encountering in the more commonly known grape varieties from France, Italy and Germany. There are now over 8 different wines offered in the Quinta Cruz line with more on the way.

The boat in the image for the Quinta Cruz label is called a Rabelo. It is the boat that traditionally carried the newly made Port wines from the upper Douro Valley of Portugal, down the river to Villa Nova de Gaia where the Port is aged and eventually bottled. It is an image that has become a symbol of Port and the wines of the Douro River Valley of Portugal.

We produce a very traditional Port-style dessert wine that we call Rabelo. In fact, we feel it is the most traditionally produced Port-style wine in the New World. You can read about why we feel this is true on the wines section of this website.