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Osocalis is a small, artisanal distillery in Soquel, California. The name Osocalis is the original Native American name for Soquel, today part of the greater Santa Cruz area. Brandies are produced using a small (100 gallon) antique alambic Charentais still, imported from Cognac.Oscalis Brandy Osocalis uses grapes and apples from the cooler coastal regions of California, and produces products that have the length, elegance and finesse of Old World brandies, such as Cognac and Calvados, but with the fruit intensity and structure of California wines.

Osocalis brandy and apple brandy are available for sale in the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard tasting room. Unfortunately State and Federal laws prohibit us from offering tastings of these spirits, but it is legal for us to sell them.

What is this doing at the Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard web site, you might ask?

Jeff Emery, proprietor and winemaker at Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, is also the winemaker for Osocalis. Before you distill brandy you first have to make wine from grapes, apples, or any other kind of fruit you want to work with. Jeff became a partner in Osocalis in 2003 and works closely with Distiller and company founder Daniel Farber.

You can find out more details at www.osocalis.com

Osocalis Distillery
5579 Old San Jose Road Soquel, CA 95073

Phone: 831-477-1718
Fax: 831-479-4478
Email: info@osocalis.com or jeff@osocalis.com